Winterize it!

My cousin Chelsea posted today a quote from Charles Darwin, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”
It reminded me of how the seasons change just as you start to acquire and bond some amazing prints, well-structured dresses, and fun accessories.  I was so sad around late October when fall could not be denied. This was my first all Lilly summer and the idea that I’d have to put my skirts away just about gave me seasonal affective disorder, months before winter had even started. While I warmed up to the fall line (in large part because the “lines” in color blocking make you look skinny), there are few tricks to make a snowy day more Lilly-like.

  1. Boots are made for Lilly.  In my head, I wanted some tan, simple riding boots to gently transition into fall. What I found was that I was better off with 2 different pair of boots I already owned.  A classic brown boot paired really well with my pinks and plain navy dresses and darker skirts.  I also feel in love with The Adalie Ruffle Wrap in Black Greens With Envy, but it took me a few tries to buy a dress with so much green.  With black boots that have a sharper heel, this dress will win any debate.  Lots of girls, especially in the south, can rock cowboy boots with a Wyatt dress or any great piece. How thick your socks are under those boots is private. What you don’t spend on new boots, you can put towards next season’s finds.
  2. Maternity wear is warm.  While pregnant women are incubators (and the person to whom you want to sit in book club if you are cold) leftover maternity gear is the fruit cake of the wardrobe world.  Everyone wants to pass it on, and nobody really wants to receive it.  I mean, come on. If you can’t bring yourself to throw away your maternity gear/nursing undergarments, think about using it to layer.  See wrap dress above, and add this a black camisole or wrap nursing bra to wear under a wrap dress. What is great about maternity tanks is that they are long enough to wear under a shrinking sweater or cardigan and they are form fitting enough to maintain the integrity of the shape of what you are wearing, especially if you have a long torso. Fantastic under a tunic. If you have no plans to become pregnant, tell them you are shopping for a friend named Lilly, or order online. For a true binge, Pea In The Pod actually has Lilly maternity wear, which I have to confess, I wore years after my peas were out of the pod, especially over bathing suits on vacation.
  3. The Biaocchi Pant, or better known as “Poly Pull Ons” in my house as an homage to LP, can turn a dress like the Cassie Slub and make it a comfy combo that is akin to what you see warm little kids wearing on the playground, and it will make you a feel as happy.  If you are going to buy one pair, I’d go with black, but I have both and wear the navy more often.  I love them with Dress Rehearsal prints, the “Luscious Leopard” prints like Thrill of the Chaise, and the Ciara Tunic in Bright Pink Tomato in Standing Ovation Placed, which was ideal for the Superbowl due to the red, white & blue coloring and the elastic waistband!  There are bound to be a few late winter sports that also work with these prints. Hockey anyone?
  4. Cashmere. I know. You are saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Actually, everyone loves a soft sweater, but what makes a cashmere Shere Wrap a great investment because it puts even your strapless dresses, like the Bowen or Vanna, back in the rotation. Even for church or an interview. You just doubled your wardrobe, or quadrupled it, if you have roommate you can lend your Shere or Sherette (which is not cashmere, but the same concept applies) to. You may need a chart to keep track of whose turn it is. While black is a no-brainer, think about wraps in colors that compliment your favorite prints, so don’t turn away from Pink Salmon or Lagoon Green.  Oatmeal is a great choice, too, and just sounds warmer.
  5. Murfee’s Law is that a scarf can make an outfit.  In school we used to say a scarf so transforms you that you are not really accountable for your behavior when you are wearing one. After 21, or maybe 17, this logic doesn’t hold up, but my favorite look with a Murfee is a skinny jean with wedges, a plain long sleeved shirt, a dark vest or tapered coat in a solid color and huge pop of color from a print like Bling My Chimes or Touchy Feely. The coat makes a great canvas.
  6. Leggings and ballet flats under a Roslyn or a shift dress. While navy or black are simple solutions, but if you can pick up a color in the print and make it match, go for it.  What I learned is that 40 shades of green in an underestimate and hosiery is hard to return. Wear your skirt or dress when you shop for things to winterize/accessorize it, like tights, or try neutrals, like ivory.
  7. Lie.  Pretend you just came from someplace warmer and are shocked the temperature just plummeted.  You just have warm blood and don’t notice the frost on the crocuses.  You were at the (place where a lot of people gather so the crowd makes it warm-mall? protest? movies? preppy convention?) but those people are gone now.  Brides fake it all the time (Of COURSE I can breathe, mom).  This is how I wore my State of Mind dress the day I bought it. Easter colors in January? Perhaps.  Justification?  Geography-themed school event basically required this print to be represented. Truth? I just wanted to. I may use that excuse for the skirt, as well, if the groundhog is serious about this 6 more weeks concept.
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